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Creativity with Purpose.

Hi. My name is Julia Bernadsky.

I design Human-Centered Product that elevates Brands and Services.

Crafting an Experience where each touch point is carefully thought out is what I do and believe is the most important link in Relationships Between the Brand and the Audience.

I build New Brands from the ground up and help exciting once to reconnect with their purpose and uncover new opportunities to grow.

My work is all about inspiring business to connect to their purpose, to tap in to a very seed level of why they exist to begin with. The result of this work is great Digital Product that delivers to people what they need and love.

I love what I do and care deeply about people who use what we create.

Every detail matters. Ultimately, it is those details that create unforgettable experience and strengthen the relationship between an audience and the brand.

Understanding human behavior and emotions associated with the use of the product empowers every decision we make.

I believe that it is finding the passion and the soul of your brand is where new possibilities for the growth live.

A privilege of working for more then 10 years with industry’s top brands gave me a chance to address and lead all aspects of Digital Product Design: Creative Direction and Strategy, Content Strategy, Brand Discovery, User Experience Design, Interaction and Interface design.

“Caring beyond the surface” is what best defines the way I work.


My Interests are

  • Human behavior and emotions
  • Habit forming product design
  • Lean UX
  • Experience Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • Service Design
  • Storyboarding for UX strategy
  • Test Driven Development principles for UX


People I am inspired by (pretty random)

  • Alexander Mc Queen / Fashion Designer
  • Karen and Rav Berg / spiritual leaders of the Kabbalah center
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry / author of Little Prince
  • Jeff Gothelf / author of Lean UX
  • Jez Humble / author of Lean Enterprise
  • Robin Williams
  • Nitzan Fridman / the most brilliant and humbled person who knows how to heal



CV is available upon request.

What people say about me

Julia is a top creative director and a wonderful person to have on your team. She can deal with editorial demands while still being able to give her own artistic input and flair. Her work on the redesign of the New York Daily News Online has been top notch. Ted Young

Editor , Metro UK

Julia is a wonderful person and an excellent designer who is passionate about delivering the very best. She is patient, dedicated, and exceptionally hard working. She absolutely CARES. Every step of the way she works to enhance and improve, to simplify and to polish and it has been a joy to work with her.

Steve Lynas

Senior Director, International Business Operations, ICE at Microsoft

I had the pleasure of working with Julia on the redesign of Not only did she beautifully reinvent the site’s visual identity, she helped guide the project down a clear, organized path that took into account everything from editorial needs to user experience to business goals (“you could have this module sponsored” was a frequent–and helpful!–refrain in our meetings). I also appreciated the patience and straightforwardness that Julia brought to every step of the project. She was a great listener when it came to anticipating our needs, but also not afraid to steer us in the right direction when she thought we were veering off course. Julia is a true professional and all around wonderful to work with.

Wendy Rodewald

Editorial Director , Beauty Blitz Media

It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone as talented, passionate, and gracious as Julia. Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to have received her input and expertise on multiple projects. Whether meeting with stakeholders, or executing and implementing all experiential and visual requirements, Julia is the ideal Director/Designer combo. Rest assured you are guaranteed a gorgeous and consistent brand experience under her thoughtful and inspiring dedication.

Scott C. Irwin

Sr. UX Designer, Amazon

Julia is an amazing person. Period. She has an awesome work ethic and is really still excited about creating great product. She remains unjaded and deeply creative. I absolutely endorse her work and her spirit. Lucky those that get to work with her. Jamilee Brown

Content Manager , Condé Nast

Julia was a pleasure to work with on every project that we collaborated on. She is conscientious and thorough, engages well with stakeholders and always gives the impression that she cares about their project needs. I would recommend her without hesitation. David Klopfenstein

Project Manager for Business Intelligence, The New York Times

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