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I am Julia Bernadsky.

An Entrepreneur, a Brand Expert & Business Strategist.

I guide my clients on how to create New Brands from the ground up and help existing ones to reconnect with their purpose and uncover new opportunities to grow.

I help YOU with the clarity of YOUR vision and YOUR unique direction.

Together we work on Marketing, Business and Content Strategy and as a result we create Human-Centered Product that elevates Brands and Services.We Craft an Experience where each touch point is carefully thought out and becomes an important link in Relationships Between the Brand and the Audience.

Creativity with Purpose

Some of you may know me as the founder of Untamed Hearts, the brand which creates beautiful objects, amulets, which are infused with energy and are engraved with the Message of Peace. It ties into my belief that each one of us matters and makes a huge difference in the big picture of the world.

I had been very fortunate to have had a pretty cool career in Fashion doing what I loved, and eventually had taken the opportunity to transform it into a glamorous career in the digital world as a Creative Director in Digital Product & Experience Design.

Being an entrepreneur to the last bone of my body it was a great relief to finally give myself permission to give up the security of the daily 9-5 and resign from Corporate America. I followed my dream, my passion and what I hope is my purpose and started my own brand, Untamed Hearts where we create beautiful and meaningful jewelry. At the same time, I also created the business where I now work with private clients, people with similar consciousness and close to me in spirit, teaching & guiding them in new ways of creating socially conscious businesses.

Everybody has a unique gift and talent. There’s a reason why you got it, and you are the only one who can to do something with it.

My work is all about inspiring people and businesses to connect to their purpose, to tap into the very seed of the reason they exist to begin with. I guide you and help you connect with your passion, your talents and turn it into a source of income.

Creating a brand is more than just a way of making money. A Brand is a living entity with its own energy and a soul; it has relationships with its audience, and it has an impact on world. I know that creating your own brand is an enormous task. And more so – it is a very personal one. Especially for Creative people who often walk around with so many great ideas and often feel overwhelmed and frozen by all of them. Each idea is like a precious baby, and it’s almost impossible for you to choose a favorite.

Getting to know people intimately is part of what I do, and definitely one of my favorite parts. Understanding you is the key to understanding what is blocking you from having the life, business, or career you want, and making sure you find it.

If you are looking to expand your business, feeling unsure about which streams of revenue are most valuable or need help growing a team (even a small one person team) I can help.

I want you to gain clarity and have a plan of action to move you towards what you want, quickly. I help you tap into a deeper understanding of what it TRULY takes to run a thriving conscious business from both a strategic and emotional perspective.

You absolutely have the ability to actualize your deepest and truest potential. It doesn’t matter how much time, money, experience, or anything else that you feel as though you might lack — you were born with everything you need to reach your highest point of creative possibility. You just need to tap into it, and become aware of it.

Any business is made up of the people, both the people that run it, and the people it caters too. Creating your business is a task, and it’s never an easy one. But if what you do is aligned with your unique purpose, there is always fulfillment at the end of the day.

My greatest inspiration is to help people connect with their unique gifts & talents. Especially people, who want to do something wonderful for the world.

With all my love,

~ Julia

CV is available upon request.

What people say about me

Julia is a top creative director and a wonderful person to have on your team. She can deal with editorial demands while still being able to give her own artistic input and flair. Her work on the redesign of the New York Daily News Online has been top notch. Ted Young

Editor, Metro UK

Julia is a wonderful person and an excellent designer who is passionate about delivering the very best. She is patient, dedicated, and exceptionally hard working. She absolutely CARES. Every step of the way she works to enhance and improve, to simplify and to polish and it has been a joy to work with her.

Steve Lynas

Senior Director, International Business Operations, ICE at Microsoft

I had the pleasure of working with Julia on the redesign of Not only did she beautifully reinvent the site’s visual identity, she helped guide the project down a clear, organized path that took into account everything from editorial needs to user experience to business goals (“you could have this module sponsored” was a frequent–and helpful!–refrain in our meetings). I also appreciated the patience and straightforwardness that Julia brought to every step of the project. She was a great listener when it came to anticipating our needs, but also not afraid to steer us in the right direction when she thought we were veering off course. Julia is a true professional and all around wonderful to work with.

Wendy Rodewald

Editorial Director, Beauty Blitz Media

It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone as talented, passionate, and gracious as Julia. Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to have received her input and expertise on multiple projects. Whether meeting with stakeholders, or executing and implementing all experiential and visual requirements, Julia is the ideal Director/Designer combo. Rest assured you are guaranteed a gorgeous and consistent brand experience under her thoughtful and inspiring dedication.

Scott C. Irwin

Sr. UX Designer, Amazon

Julia is an amazing person. Period. She has an awesome work ethic and is really still excited about creating great product. She remains unjaded and deeply creative. I absolutely endorse her work and her spirit. Lucky those that get to work with her. Jamilee Brown

Content Manager, Condé Nast

Julia was a pleasure to work with on every project that we collaborated on. She is conscientious and thorough, engages well with stakeholders and always gives the impression that she cares about their project needs. I would recommend her without hesitation. David Klopfenstein

Project Manager for Business Intelligence, The New York Times

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