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Article Template Redesign. Creating a powerful tool for editors to tell stories of the world.


The Daily News was established in 1919 as a very first tabloid format publication in US. Since then they’ve not only been the eyes, ears and voice of one of the greatest cities in the world, but an influence across the US. It has 49.9 MM unique visitors, publishes 1200 stories and social posts monthly.

In 2014, working closely with the editorial team, we launched new Article Templates that became smart and flexible tools for journalists to tell their stories about world affairs, sports, politics, entertainment, fashion…etc, in the most interesting and powerful ways.

Internal Challenges

Company’s online world was tightly connected to the newspaper publishing. We were faced with an internal issues that stem from an old content creation tools that were still used to generate original Articles. An exciting system would not allow us to make the site fully responsive.



Focus is always on the audience: Our goal was to transform User Experience. Give them the best presentation of the story and allow to experience it in most real, immersive way. Encourage engagement. Extend the range of readers.

Presentation: Build a new article templates with the focus on creating rich story formats and a range of different layouts. This included developing flexible, modular building blocks and a wide range of custom content presentations.

Advertising: Create an innovative, alternative ad placements that would integrate with the story without disrupting it.

Success: The success measure would be determined by the amount of shares, improved quality of comments, increased uniques and decreased bounce rate.


The Process

We started out by conducting interviews, gaining insight into users’ needs, followed by a workshop with the editorial, design, product and business teams.

Together we created personas based on users and editors, identified their respective requirements, and condensed all that knowledge into the product vision.


Based on this shared understanding of the direction for the new Article should be, we started our agile scrum process first creating and presenting sketches, user journey, wireframes and  finally actual design including the typography treatment, all the elements surrounding the article, such as teaser modules, galleries, different embeds, social media, comments..etc

We worked in close collaboration with front and back end development teams to build a minimal viable product as quickly as possible. From there we iterated quickly, always taking into account what we had already learned along the way.


Once The New Article was build, we started to test it with multiple users, recording all the feedback, revising, adjusting all we can right away.
At the same time training editors on how to create new and much more sophisticated articles.

In this process we realized that our CMS interface needed to be made more intuitive for editors ease of use.

The Result now comes with a wide range of design templates, giving every type of content their respective form of display—be it a fashion article with portrait format photographs, a column of a well-known author, a sports coverage, or a long report with various media contents.

Solid UX

Together with the editorial team we established a way of flexible storytelling: from small breaking news story with short content to regular articles, up to immersive image galleries and long-form content; every type of article can be presented in a custom-tailored way across all devices.

Flexible Template. Accommodates for unlimited of images sizes and layouts.

Large image view. The best image quality available for a reader's device.

Article Template is created to scales great on tablets.

Article view specially designed for Mobile.

Award Winning Experience


In 2014 Daily News wins four state AP awards. Our UI and UX Design work was rewarded with two awards in the online content category: Editors Sarah Ryley, Rocco Parascandola, Barry Paddock, Dareh Gregorian were awarded first place for their “Stop and Frisk” package that included interactive data visualizations on 2012 stops. And digital editorial director Lauren Johnston and her staff were awarded third place for their “Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later” package.

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