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The Art of Newsletter Design

Creating beautiful, scalable and flexible Newsletter templates.


The Strategy

Design & UX:
Simplicity is very eye-catching. Use large, welcoming typography and intriguing photographs. Paired with their one-column two column layouts, it draws reader’s eye down the page to skim every article within it. Strive for a Good Balance of Text-to-Image Ratio.
Include “forward to a friend” link as well as links to all relevant Social Media networks and email option. Newsletter template has to be flexible and scalable to accommodate for surfacing different content length.

Catchy headlines are extremely important.
Long email template – to be used to surface a number of latest news and trending stories to capture reader’s attention and lead him to click and continue reading on the site
Short email template – use for announcements or a single important event coverage. Could also be used for promotions. Up to 210 characters for each story teasers.

Marketing & Advertising:
A significant element of email marketing is relationship. Use personalization, do so in a meaningful way. Any of the story teaser position should be convertable in to native or sponsored advertisement placements. Have option for sponsorship logo placement. Placements for Ads for marketing campaigns.
Use and informative, short and recognizable subject line. Limit words to 35 characters or less.

W Magazine Newsletter

Beauty Blitz Newsletter Newsletter

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