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Building New Brand and New Digital Platform, from the ground up.


An idea for was to become an editorial online resource that is all about high-end, beautiful jewelry, the people who wear it with style and designers who create it. To give readers insight into new trends and styles, innovative ways to wear jewelry, to reveal to them the hidden magic of how the jewelry is made, and the techniques that continually enable these artists to push the boundaries and create most beautiful, luxurious pieces that inspire and excite our readers.

The Challenge

It meant creating Visual Identity, Brand and Content Strategy, Designing digital Platform and products  that would allow to share with its readers the latest and hottest news in Jewelry world. It had to be Beautiful, Simple, Functional, Easy to maintain with build in flexibility to create wide verity of the content types.

The Process

Delivering great User Experience was they key.

The focus was on our audience!

We conducted a few workshops with creating personas, going through different scenarios they would be interacting with our site.

We started to compile a list with a lot of Questions and Goals / Outcomes we want to achieve, NOT Set Features. Once we set the goals, we kept them in front of us all the time. The list was revised and reshaped defining the direction we were moving towards.

We wanted the site to be simple and intuitive at its core. At the same time, Visuals to be unforgettable and inspiring. Giving the power to breathtaking images of high-end Jewelry pieces that bring the color and the rich, high end experience to the site. We wanted our User to find themselves engaged in the world of Jewelry at all touch points of their visit.

The content had to be easy to discover, interact with and share.

The Registration process easy and fast At the same time allow us to collect contacts for email address.

We knew we wanted to have a beautiful newsletter in a few different formats but details were shaped up much later

At the end of each article surfacing tags and more related content so people could continue exploring the world of jewelry.

We wanted to connect all information in the circular way and surfacing it with different filters: by World Wide Locations where each Jewelry from the story could be found in The Jewelry Traveler section by Robust Search Index that will allow to search by different criteria like Designer Name, Jewelry type, Material type…etc The Jewelry Index section We learned that our users were going to interact with our site during different time of the day.

We created 2 different skin colors user has control over to choose. Our assumption here was that at certain time of the day dark background was more comfortable to the eye and under different light the white background would be much much easier to look at. We left it up to the user to choose. Home Page

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